How & why to use us

  • Add new native video advertising products
  • If you want to transact through automated channels (i.e., programmatic) and private marketplace deals
  • Targeting capabilities - demographic, behavioral, geo, device & contextual
  • Unify your advertising supply (mobile, tablet, desktop) with our SSP
  • To help you take media buying in-house
  • Create Private marketplace to transact
  • Quality, proven technology that's been used by thousands of advertisers as well as some of the biggest brands - e.g., Toyota, Charles Schwab, Goldman Sachs
  • Make more money with new native video supply that your direct sales team can sell...or liquidate through automated channels
  • Gain transparency, speed & control - owning and customizing advertising decisioning, optimization logic & cut out middlemen
  • Get more value from your 1st party data

Our technology enables advertisers to run a media mix across ad placements, which allows advertisers to do two primary things:

  • Launch campaigns with multiple products and optimize to the best performing placement.
  • Achieve multiple campaign goals by leveraging products that perform well for different performance indicators.

Execute “private marketplace” deals (i.e., PMP), which is an agreement made directly between a publisher and an advertiser or agency for programmatic advertising inventory.

PMPs are managed through our SSP (Supply Side Platform), and unlike an open auction, contact is made between the publisher and the bidder, and the parties negotiate rates and other terms.

Taking programmatic in-house

 IPONWEB, February 2019

Adobe research found that nearly two out of three marketers (62%) planned to bring their programmatic media buying in-house by 2022; more recently a report by the IAB shows that nearly 40% of advertisers execute in-house programmatic trading. Both studies cited a variety of reasons, including

  • Cost savings.
  • Building in-house knowledge.
  • Data security and usage.
  • More control of buy-side logic.
  • Increased transparency.

Optimization engine

Our Optimization Engine works within existing targeting parameters to improve performance.

Audience targeting is created with Drexx’s Audience Builder

Drexx’s Audience Builder is powered by the data in our DMP. During the campaign set up process, audience targeting is created. Target audiences can be defined by demographic, geographic, contextual, behavioral and technical characteristics.

Once live, the primary KPI is campaign delivery

Once the campaign is running, the primary performance indicator is campaign delivery and pacing.

A secondary KPI is introduced once the campaign is pacing evenly

If the campaign is delivering on pace, the Optimization Engine then optimizes the campaign on a pre-impression level against a KPI.


You can license some or all of our technology and products, and we offer custom solutions that give versatility in roadmap control, speed of execution, bespoke algorithm development (including custom ad decisioning, bid evaluation, campaign pacing) and flexible integrations.